What is discretionary management?
Essentially, it is an agreement between you and Dubeau Capital stipulating that you wish your portfolio to be managed for you on an ongoing basis. You no longer need be continually preoccupied by the financial markets and your investments because we will have the latitude to make modifications to your portfolio without constant need for your authorization.

You are free to revoke the discretionary management agreement at any time. Account minimum is $250,000.

Your account will be managed in conformance accordance with your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Investment management is accomplished by our in-house portfolio managers working in close collaboration.

Our approach is based on performance and not the volume of transactions made. The result is greater peace of mind for you and investment decisions that are proactive rather than reactive.

Requests for explanations and discussions initiated by clients are both encouraged and welcomed.

We produce portfolio valuation and performance reports written in a clear, straightforward manner.

We offer a turnkey solution for all your investment needs. In addition to managing your portfolio, we take care of accounting for income tax preparation, correspondence with third parties where authorized by you (e.g. your accountants), as well as the execution of transactions and free safekeeping of securities.

Through our bank, The Royal Bank of Canada, we can wire any amount from your account with us to your bank account, or by check, free of charge. We can also arrange to have an amount automatically transferred to your bank account at regular interval.